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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Ten Commandments

Size Bottle Markings

11 1/4" tall, 6 1/2" in diameter jug with single loop handle, ONE GALLON embossed on the shoulder
Description, including signature and date
This jug contains a square central shaft onto which are glued ten rounded rectangular plaques, each of which has one of the ten commandments painted on it. It is surrounded with a fence and hung all over with red painted wooden heart cutouts. It comes from Mingo Co., WV, and was made in the 1920's by a hobo whose name is not known. His story is below.

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This is the story related to me by the person who sold me the bottle: "I got a call from Mingo County a while back from a lady who wanted to sell some things. her father, grandfather, and greatgrandfather had all been ministers. She told me the piece was made for her family in the 1920's. Back then there were many coal trains running through W. Va. and that's the way many hobos, tramps, etc. traveled at that time. This lady told me her family would find work for these men to do in return for a meal and a place to stay. One of these men had an extended stay with her family. As he was getting ready to leave he told the family that he had hidden something he had made for the family in an out building but they were not to get it until the next day. When they went to get it the next day, there were the Ten Commandments inside the jug."