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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Mining Scene from Freiburg

Height Bottle Markings

9 1/4" tall, 4 1/2" wide, 3 1/4" deep hand blown 18th century bottle with carved decoration on the corners and edges
Description, including signature and date

This bottle originates from the Freiburg area of Germany and contains a three-level mining scene. Many of the figures have fallen over. On the bottom, figures with picks are hacking on lumps of black sparkly "coal." A ladder leading to the middle level has fallen down. On the middle level, figures are working with smaller lumps of coal while musicians play horns at each side. On the top, figures appear to be washing lumps of coal. The locking stopper has chains and buckets attached to it. The supports are brightly painted.

Scenes and Buildings by Carl Worner