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Crucifix and Cross Bottles
Full pictures and close-ups

Altar in a bottle
Height Bottle Markings
13" tall,
4 1/2" in diameter
Large plain bottle shows on the bottom where it was broken off the glassblower's tool.
Description, including signature and date
The construction in this bottle is an intricately made altar. The base pieces are dovetailed together and stand on four painted polyhedron feet. The altar is decorated with strings of beads. On the altar are two potted roses, four tall wooden candles, two metal crosses, and a central tabernacle with communion chalices on both sides. On the tabernacle are two more potted flowers, four more candles, and a metal crucifix. The entire assembly is attached to the stopper pieces which have more beads and a bit of silver filet net. The bottle was found in Paris, France.
Altar in a bottle - closeup
Altar in a bottle
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