Chair Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Chair with Thumbtacks and Charms

Height Bottle Markings
8" tall, 2 1/2" square square screw-top bottle, embossed Bondol Laboratories, Madison, Arkansas, makers of funeral home chemicals
Description, including signature and date
The legs of this chair are like half-inch blue pencils, the seat has diagonally woven blue and yellow string, and the back of the chair has a photograph of flowers and birch trees on the front and a woman on the back who looks like a movie star. The back is embellished with a white plastic squirrel, and three red plastic charms dangle from the locking bar of the stopper where it is dated "8-5-46". The tops of the chair legs, as well as the stopper, are decorated with thumb tacks.

Who is the picture on the chair? Susan Hayward (L)? Ingrid Bergman (R)?