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Crucifix and Cross Bottles
Full pictures and close-ups

Height Bottle Markings Description, including signature and date
13 1/2
(8 1/2 for the bottle, 5 for the carved stopper)
rectangular bottle, no markings This amazing bottle was made by John J. Callaghan in 1922, possibly of Nashville where it was found. It contains a cross with a paper cutout figure of Christ on one side and a paper cutout figure of Mary weeping on the reverse. On the arms of the cross and at the bottom are birds, and an weathervane arrow and windmill are attached to the shaft of the cross. The stopper has four brass bells and a small niche holding another cross with another paper figure of Christ. Everywhere are cutout words, described below.
(Above) The stopper, front and back, showing the cutout words
(Below) Front and back closeup views
crosses 31-40 crosses 51-60
The words or phrases cutout of books, the newspaper or magazines, are:

On the stopper: love, Mt. Calvary, peace, liberty, Home Sweet Home (showing in the closeup of the stopper, left), Still Linger in Memory (showing in the closeup of the stopper, right), friendship, and purity.

On the shaft going down the neck: prayer, Monumental (showing in stopped picture, left), truth, and HONOR (showing in stopper picture, right).

Pasted to the beaks of the birds: liberty, faith, charity, love, and purity.

On the arrow: union

On the windmill: hope (showing in closeup, far right).

The wooden pieces are decorated in ink and painted with red and green paint. The red and green beads inside are opaque glass.

It is signed on the bottom with strips of paper, one with John J. Callaghan and one with 1922 (see far right below).