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Crucifix and Cross Bottles
Full pictures and close-ups

Height Bottle Markings Description, including signature and date
10" tall, incl. stopper (bottle is
8 1/8"),
2 3/4" square
square bottle, no markings The figure of Christ in this bottle is nearly identical to the one above and was also carved by "The Caveman." This bottle has a ladder in the back with "Faith," "Hope," and "Charity" painted on the rungs. In addition to the "As ye would have..." and "Jesus, King of the Jews" signs, like the one above, this one has a sign on the back, above the ladder, with "Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sambachthani." The stopper is a carved ball on a stick extending up from the bottle. It is signed on the bottom and dated 21 Nov. 1935.

There are two other crucifix bottles by The Caveman on this website: One and Three

crosses 51-60