Chair Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Chair from Elk City, OK

Height Bottle Markings
9 3/4" round with faceted sides; glass embossed "One pint 9 oz"
Description, including signature and date
The chair in this bottle has a woven seat of string and is ably carved. On the inside of the bottle is a piece of masking tape inscribed: "R C Axton 500 West 8 St Elk City Okla," but it is not dated. R. C. Axton was Roscoe C. Axton, born in Kansas in 1885, died in 1957 in a V.A. hospital in Amarillo, TX, and lived most of his life in OK. He was a laborer in the 1930 census in Washita Co., OK. The shape of the legs and the seat of this chair look a lot like another chair bottle on this website.


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