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Bottle markings
6" round, no markings This bottle has a plain varnished ladder-back chair with a red yarn woven seat. (Full length image)
3" salt shaker This tiny chair in a salt shaker has a seat woven of white string. (Full image)
4 1/2" perfume bottle with glass stopper This perfume bottle contains a wooden chair with a seat made out of card stock or thin leather. The ends of the back and leg pieces are whittled into egg shaped finials. (Full image)
c9" square bottle with fancy neck This nicely carved chair is painted in dark red and dark green paint, accented with gold on the turnings. It has a whittled stopper, also painted red and gold. (Full image and closeup)
6" round bottle, embossed Duraglas near the bottom This simple chair is red with a white and green woven seat. It had a label taped on the back, typed on crumbling brown paper, which says: "FOLKS: This little Bottle has a Red Chair in it which was carved by a boy who lived in or near Livingston Ky. He carved it out by a Saw-Mill and assembled it with a Ha..... Butcher Knife, Forceps, .... Telescope, ...." The bottom of the label was missing. The tape was old and painted dark brown. (Full image, two views)
7 1/2" high, 2" square square screw top bottle, embossed Hinds Honey and Almond Cream, Bloomfield, N.J. This little chair is painted red with green trim on the turned legs and pink flowers on the slats of the back. The seat is diagonally woven in green string. The top of the stopper is carved plain wood; the part of the stopper that goes into the bottle is painted red. (Full image)
6 3/8" tall, 2 5/16" square square liquor bottle engraved "E. Anthony, New York" on one side. The chair in this bottle is very well made, filling the bottle well. The woven seat is tight. The bottle has a trick stopper with a cross piece. The chair is signed on the back of the back pieces, "L. A. Keys, Mute Boy", "Lithonia, Ga." and dated "Sept. 4th, 1890" This is not the only bottle made by Keys; the other known Keys bottle, dating from 1893 and also from Lithonia, is also a chair. Full image and view of back with signature.
4 5/8" tall,
1 1/2" square
square bottle with "1620" and a keystone insignia and "2" embossed on the bottom. This chair is fairly plain, but the weaving on the seat is very well done and tight. The chair fills the bottle tightly and is signed "Glendura, Calif" on the back and dated "May 20, 1954". (Full image and picture of signature and date)
8 1/2" tall incl. stopper (7 1/8" without), 2 7/8" in diameter Karo syrup bottle, Duraglas embossed around bottom This fairly new bottle was bought as a "souvenir" of Tennessee; it came with a label (now missing) saying it was made in Tennessee. The chair is painted red with blue and yellow polka dots, and the string seat is woven tightly. No signature or date. Full images, front and back.
5 1/4" round, no markings The gold chair in this bottle appears to be made of wire which has been wound with thread, as well as wood and metal. The seat his long white silk fringe, and the back is decorated with beads and small pearls. It may have been made in France. (Full image front and closeup of back)

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