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Bottle markings
8" tall,
2 1/2" square
square screw-top bottle, embossed Bondol Laboratories, Madison, Arkansas, makers of funeral home chemicals The legs of this chair are like half-inch blue pencils, the seat has diagonally woven blue and yellow string, and the back of the chair has a photograph of flowers and birch trees on the front and a woman on the back who looks like a movie star. The back is embellished with a white plastic squirrel, and three red plastic charms dangle from the locking bar of the stopper where it is dated "8-5-46". The tops of the chair legs, as well as the stopper, are decorated with thumb tacks. (Full length image and closeup)
7" square, long neck, screw top, embossed monogram PD&Co on bottom This plain wooden chair is very delicate in frame and has a seat woven of white string. The bottle is very similar to a bottle used by "The Caveman" for a bottle he made in 1940, but the Caveman bottle does not have the PD logo on the bottom. The PD&Co mark was possibly Parke Davis & Co., who made such popular remedies as Milk of Bismuth in the 1930's and possibly later. (Full image)
7" square, tapered with embossed ridged and measures, Royal Bond shield and screw cap This plain wooden chair has a seat woven from wide bands of elastic. There are blue satin bows at the corners of the seat. The bottle is from Pierce Chemicals "Royal Bond," which is a company in Dallas that today makes funeral chemical supplies. Embalming fluid? In such a small bottle?(Full image)
5 1/4" square, small O in a square on the bottom This little gold chair with a woven seat was made by George G. Barnhart at the Liberty, Missouri, Odd Fellows Home, dated "2-8-1922." The signature "G. G. Barnhart" and the date are on the left back leg, "Liberty" and "Odd F. Home" are on the left back leg, "F L T" (Friendship Love Trust) is on the front left leg and "IOOF" is on the front right leg. This bottle is like other chairs by Barnhart and other residents of the Odd Fellow's Home in Liberty. (Full image)
6 1/2" screw-top square bottle with some decorative embossing The bottle contains a simple chair with a wooden seat which bears the Bible verse "I will love thee, O Lord." Psalms 18:1, and the initials W. V. D. The bottle does not have a stopper. (Full image)

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