Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Polychrome Crucifix with Glitter

Height Bottle Markings
11" (not counting 1/4" stopper) round bottle embossed "Blackberry Juice" and a shield on the shoulder
Description, including signature and date
The cross and all the wooden elements in this bottle are painted glue, red, and green, with accents in gold, and are decorated with glitter. The figure of Christ is dressed in a red velvet loincloth. The guards at the foot of the cross are cut from card stock and painted, and the rooster is also cut from card stock and painted gold.

The figure of Christ and the arrangement of tools is almost the same as the figure in another "glitter" bottle, and also to a third bottle which is signed and dated from 1888 in Reading, PA. All three share the glitter, the piece of velvet robe and basic construction; this is the only one with guards.