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Crucifix and Cross Bottles
Full pictures and close-ups

Height Bottle Markings Description, including signature and date
9 3/8" 4 1/2" square, no markings

The carving in this bottle is first-rate. Some of the tools are painted or stained black, but most of the contents are plain wood. An exceptional rooster has red felt comb and wattle.

The flail has string, and a little paper square on the head of the cross is inscribed INRI, behind a "crown of thorns" made of a braid of very find straw or wood shaving. A white paper shroud is draped over the arms of the cross and hangs down slightly in back.

The bottle is signed on the stopper in pencil, but the script is very difficult to read; it looks like "Jadelal Poljann Anton", but "A" could also be "li" or "Si". The date is quite clear: Febry 1951.

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