Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Cross with Twelve Fans

Height Bottle Markings
13" round; no markings. Standard liquor bottle
Description, including signature and date

This bottle is an example of skill and ingenuity, although the wood is unpainted and the cross itself very simple. Down the front and back of the cross are five fans on each side, with a sixth on the base. The fans have 13-15 blades and have been woven through with brown thread (see closeup at right).

For tools, there is only a ladder, spear and pole in the base, and an ax and pliers stuck in the sides of the cross.

The stopper is held in place by a cross piece which itself is held in place by smaller pins that go all the way through.

Three other bottles by this maker are known but not shown on this website. One is dated 1913 or 1918, the last digit being hard to read.