Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Triple Crucifixion

Height Bottle Markings
6 1/4" (bottle only), 7" incl. stopper,
2 1/2" round
Small round bottle, the number 300 in a circle embossed on the bottom. Probably 300 ml.
Description, including signature and date
This beautiful and delicate little bottle was found in poor repair with many pieces out of the bottle. Remarkably, none were missing and it was reassembled. Three carved bodies on crosses, each wear a loincloth made of very thin cellulose, like tape without the glue. Decoration in pencil includes the faces, a sign with INRI above Christ's cross, and details on the rooster.

Below is a picture of the bottle before it was fixed.


crosses 111-120