Cross and Crucifix Bottles

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Bottle markings
13 1/4" high,
3 1/4" in diameter
very pale green glass, like a wine bottle with a high kick-up. No markings Varnished honey-colored wood and white painted crucifix and tools, decorated with black, white, and turquoise seed beads. The painted, carved body of Jesus is draped with a garland of beads. There are two wood-shaving trees in the back, painted dark green, and a thin piece of tin on the cross above Christ's head. (Full image and closeup)
6" high,
2 5/8" wide and
1 3/8" deep
pale green flask, embossed with "Fur Eine Weinflasche, Fur Eine Literflasche" (German, wine for one person?) Small single-serving wine bottle packed tight with a wooden cross, some tools, and a paper cut-out of Jesus on the cross. Some of the posts around the bottom are wrapped in aluminum foil. (Full image)
11 1/2" high,
3" in diameter
green bottle with high kick-up, like a wine bottle The bottle contains a cross and tools, all whittled out of plain wood. The cross is decorated on one side with two pinwheels of wood, held in place by brass tacks; on the other side, a large saltire cross (X cross), also anchored with brass tacks. There is a tiny cross on top of the main cross. The carving is similar to another bottle on this website, but there is not enough evidence to say they were made by the same artist. (Full image, front and back)
9 3/4" high (bottle alone 8"), 3 1/4" wide, 2" deep Screw-top rectangular bottle with pinch in the middle. The cross in this bottle is buried beneath decorated flowers, spiky shapes and a fan. The date 1936 is painted on both sides of the cross piece going through the stopper. The stopper itself is whittled into a traingle. (Full image and closeup.)
7 1/2" high, 4" wide at top, 1 7/8" deep Pale green flask Simple central cross with some shaping of the ends of the pieces is flanked by two smaller crosses. Two tiny crosses stand on the cross piece of the central cross. Crossed spears stand in front of the cross on both sides, and there are a few tools. All are painted gold. (Full image)
6 1/2" high, 3 1/4" in diameter NOT ORIGINAL BOTTLE. Original was broken and contents were reassembled in this one, 1999. Simply carved wooden cross and tools, including a rooster, and inscribed on one side "ANDENKEN an der KRIEG" (In remembrance of the war) and "1914 - 1919" on the base piece. On the back (see below), it says "GEWIDMET der FAMILIE TRETTONI" (in honor of the Trettoni family). The language is German, but the signature suggests a Slavic nationality. It is signed on the bottom: "Clois(?) Thion (?) MALOSOVIC" (Full image, front and back, and signature)
6" tall,
3 1/4" wide at the base (bulb is
2 3/4" wide)
Lightbulb Cross decorated with painted flowers, a ladder, a spear, and a banner with INRI. A beautifully carved and painted figure of Christ on the cross. The base is made of stepped layers of wood, painted black and silver. (Full image and closeup)
11 3/8" tall, 3 1/2" in diameter Unmarked quart whiskey-type bottle This bottle contains a beautifully carved figure of Christ on a cross which is backed with a chip-carved open oval and two spears. The central shaft of the cross goes all the way up into the neck and is carved. On either side of the cross is a carved urn with wood-shaving flowers. In front an open book inscribed "Holy Bible"; the stand has a carved red heart in relief. This is one of five bottles by the same maker on this website. (Full image and links to other four)
6 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" wide and 1 3/8" deep unmarked screw-top flask The cross and tools in this bottle are exceptionally well carved and fit together. The rungs of the ladder are inset in the poles, and the axe blade is buried in a cut in the upright piece of the cross. It is decorated in pencil: the word "cross" in arc-shaped designs, and the date "July 1944" on the cross piece. The word "July" is also written on the top of the cross. A heart with the word "Love" is lying at the foot of the cross. Not signed or dated; found in North Carolina. Full image and closeup.
7 1/2" tall, 2 1/2" square Square bottle with long neck, no markings Another wonderful bottle by the man who called himself "The Caveman." It has a crucifix and signs saying "Jesus King of the Jews" and the golden rule "As ye would have others do unto you, do ye also unto them," "Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani" ("My Lord Why hast thou forsaken me?" and "Faith Hope Charity" on the rungs of the ladder in the back. There is a fine carved and gold-decorated piece that goes down the neck of the bottle. Signed and dated. Full image and closeups and links to the other two Caveman bottles.

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