Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

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Bottle markings
6 1/4" (bottle only), 7" incl. stopper,
squarechair.html" round
Small round bottle, the number 300 in a circle embossed on the bottom. Probably 300 ml. This beautiful and delicate little bottle was found in poor repair with many pieces out of the bottle. Remarkably, none were missing and it was reassembled. Three carved bodies on crosses, each wearing a loincloth made of very thin metal. Decoration in pencil includes the faces, a sign with INRI above Christ's cross, and detkychair.htmlrooster. Full image and closeups, including a picture of all the pieces out of the bottle.
12" tall,
3 1/2" round
Liquor bottle, marked "One Quart" at the bottom. Lots of bubbles and imperfections in the glass. This intricate crucifix scene features quotations stamped on the wooden pieces with a printing set, several cutout stars, and a man climbing the ladder in the back towards a platform where the is a hammer and three nails. Sayings include: "He died for us," "Forgive & Be Forgiven" "Seek the Lord and Ye shall find your Saviour From Whence all Blessings Flow", "Seek the Truth" and "Faith Hope Charity" Full image, closeups, and a 3D revolvable view (Quicktime plug-in needed)
9 1/2" tall incl. stopper (9" without), 3 1/2" square heavy square bottle, pale green, with "Barnangens Finiska Fabrik Stockholm & St. Petersburg" embossed on one side This bottle has an incredible amount of detail. The carved figures of Jesus and the two thieves have sharp noses and carved nipples. The bird on top of the cross (dove - Holy Spirit) has carved fans for both wings and tail and a tuft of unraveled twine for a crest. Below, one heart has a "flame" made of twine fiber, and another heart is pierced by a dagger with wire wrapped around the hilt. A larger fan is behind the cross. Dated 1909. Full image and several closeups.
7" tall very old bottle, open pontil mark on the bottom, no markings; broken on one side of the lip This very old crucifixion scene bottle was found in Missouri. The cross and tools are painted gold, and a sign with "INRI" hangs over the head of a carved figure of Jesus. In style, it is very similar to a bottle made in Reading, PA, and signed by W. H.(?) Poole. The two figures are nearly the same, and the colors are similar. (Full image)
5 5/8" tall pumpkinseed flask, embossed "C" on bottom with "PAT A2 184_". This crucifixion scene features three crosses, all with carved figures, and an intricate stopper with yarn tassles in red and blue, hanging ftnchair.html of the stopper. The wood throughout is varnished and shiny. The words "Deer Lodge General ....." are penciled lightly on the shaft of the stopper, with the rest of the inscription unreadable. Deer Lodge may have been a territorial prison in Montana. The bottle turned up in Seattle. (Full image)
7 3/4" tall (bottle only), and 9 1/2" tall with carved stopper,
2 1/2" sq.
no markings;
2-part mold with applied lip
This is an example of the work of a bottle artist who made several bottles in this same style, although there is only one other on this website. This one is in a square bottle, contains a carved figure of Christ on the cross, which is surrounded with four guards wearing high headgear. The bottles by this maker vary in size from small square bottles to full-sized round liquor bottles, but the subject and style is always the same. (Full image and closeup)
11 3/4" tall, 3 3/8" in diameter no markings; mold seams suggest it's machine-made, (post 1903), but pontil mark visible on bottom This bottle contains a beautifully carved figure of Christ on the cross; He is entirely painted in gold. Over His left shoulder is the dove of the Holy Spirit. Carved wooden tassles dangle from the arms of the cross. At Jesus's feet, on either side of the cross, are two lilies made of curled paper with carved bases and centers. There is one other bottle on this website made by this artist, and two others which are probably the same artist (one, two). (Full image and closeup)
9 3/4" tall, 3 3/4" wide and
2 1/2" deep
no markings, rectangular quart-sized bottle Another fanciful crucifixion scene by the amazing Carl Worner, better known for his saloon scenes. this one is very similar to the one made in a Norwalk, CT pharmacy bottle, and has features similar to the one signed with Hanau (Germany). The arms of the bodies are attached to the back of the shoulders, like wings, and the faces are drawn in fine pencil. The crosses are plain and the decoration is made with Victorian-style stickers and cutouts. Signed and dated "K. Worner 1890" on the back. (Full image and closeups)
13 1/4" tall (includes 2" carved stopper), 2 7/8" in diameter 3-part mold with applied lip; "W & A. Gilbey L°" and "21" embossed on the bottom. The glass is extremely wavy. This bottle was found in England, and the bottle itself is probably English, but the "JNRJ" sign on the cross suggests the maker was not a native of England (all other known "JNRJ" bottles came from central Europe). The crosses and figures are crudely carved with simple faces. There is shredded material on the bottom, and it has a nice decorative stopper. It is a difficult bottle to photograph. (Full image and closeups)
11 1/4" tall carafe, 5 1/4" in diameter at the bottom, tapering upwards Very thin glass with broken pontil on the bottom and thin flared lip; freeblown, no seams This dense crucifixion scene in a carafe is European, and probably German based on comparisons to other known German bottles. The cross is centered on a base made of six crossed pieces, each bristling with tools and sticks covered in glitter. The bottom is filled with shredded material. Figures of Saints John and Mary are painted in red, blue, white and bits of gold and have exaggerated sad expressions. (Full image and closeups)

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