Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

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Bottle markings
8 3/4" tall, 3 3/8" in diameter no markings, round, faint pontil markings This colorful crucifixion bottle contains a cross painted ochre with red, white and black accents. The finely carved figure of Christ is painted white. Between the top of the cross and the bottom of the stopper is a white dove of the Holy Spirit. A less-well-carved white Mary kneels at the foot of the cross. A rooster sits on top of a carved post with a raised cross, and the robe of Jesus is a piece of decorated fabric. (Full image, details)
8 7/8" tall, 4 1/4" wide, and 2 7/8" deep no markings; early broken pontil bottle with whole neck applied, no seams on body This colorful bottle was bought in the Balkans. The cross and all the tools are painted black with gold and silver dots. In the corners of the cross are gold, red, and silver cornerblocks, and a small gold cross is attached to the front of the top of the cross on flexible wires. The figures of Christ, Mary and John are cut from religious cards. The cross is dated 1909. It is similar to a larger bottle from 1931. (Full image front and detail of back)
c20" tall,
10 1/2" in diameter
water cooler bottle While the actual pieces of wood in this bottle are large, the overall effect is in good scale and proportion for such a huge bottle. The main cross is surrounded with smaller crosses and all are decorated with pink ribbon roses. The whole scene is surrounkeys.htmla fence made of bent dowels, and everything is painted gold except for a coffin, which is black with gold trim, at the foot of the cross. (Full images)
6" oval flask The carving in this bottle shows off a talented artist. A cross forms the central supports. Attached to the cross is a large heart, whittled in three pieces. On one isde is a beautifully carved bird and in front of the heart is an anchor with a whittled chain on top. In the symbolism of religious art, the dove is Faith, the anchor Hope, and the heart Charity. This artist made other bottles. (Full length image and links)
10" tall, 3" wide bowed front, but flat back early flask or medicine; lots of bubbles, applied lip This bottle was mde by the same maker as the bottle directly above. It contains a cross with a chip-carved heart and anchor (which has three links of whimsey chain), and two birds. The stopper is topped with a whittled ball-in-cage whimsey. The bird stands for Faith, the anchor Hope and the heart Charity. (full image and links to bottles by the same maker)
11" (not counting 1/4" stopper) round bottle embossed "Blackberry Juice" and a shield on the shoulder The cross and all the wooden elements in this bottle are painted glue, red, and green, with accents in gold, and are decorated with glitter. The figure of Christ is dressed in a red velvet loincloth. The guards at the foot of the cross are cut from card stock and painted, and the rooster is also cut from card stock and painted gold. (Full image plus links to two other bottles perhaps made by the same artist)
7" tall,
3 1/2" wide, and 1 1/4" deep
Half Pint Full Measure, Fluid Contents 8 oz This half pint flask contains a cross, a few tools, and two figures, a man and a woman. The cross and figures are decorated in pencil. This bottle was made by the same artist as a very similar one dated 1944, shown on the previous page of thumbnails. This one was found filled with whiskey and with many of the pieces loose and floating in the bottle. When the whiskey was removed, the pencil decorations become evident. It is dated Aug. 21 1928, and the word "Cross" is written on the cross. (Full image and closeup)
12" round decanter style bottle, no markings The cross and tools in this bottle are painted black, gold and silver with accents in red. The body of Jesus is cut from a picture, and the back features a card of Maria Precesta Ajutoara. A search on the internet came up with one website in Roumania when searching for this saint. The bottle is very similar to another bottle on this website from the Balkan region of Europe; that one is dated 1909, and this one is signed "A. T." and dated "10/V 1931." (Full image and closeup of back)
14" embossed "One Quart" Another bottle with the Faith, Hope Charity theme, this has a central cross into which was inset the heart, made in three piece. The anchor, representing hope, is pinned (see below) and hooks over the center of the cross. It has three links of chain made of thin wood. The dove representing Faith is attached to the top of the cross. The bottle was found in Tennessee and is not signed or dated. (Full image and closeups) (Links to one and two bottles with the same theme by a different maker)
12 1/4" round bottle with trace of a label from "Lancasters Greenville Tennessee" This triple crucifix features three figures, each nailed through bloodied hands and feet to crosses. The figure of Christ is also pierced in his side by a spear, still in his body. All three are wearing long paper skirts. The bottle is signed on the back, "Made by Charlie James 11-10-1917". Charlies James supposedly made this bottle in a German prison camp, where he died. A nearly identical bottle, has a different signature which is hard to read, but it is definitely not "Charlie James." (Full image and more on the mystery)