Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

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Bottle markings
14" tall, 5 1/2" in diameter large bottle, no markings This large-scale crucifixion scene was made by Carl Worner, but it is not signed or dated. The crosses are decorated only with pencil drawings and bits of tin foil. There is the cross of Jesus in the middle and the two thieves hang on either side. There are tools and a rooster. Compare the figures to the other known Worner religious bottles (Full image, closeups and links to other Worner religious bottles)
7" tall, 4" at the widest flask, tapered slightly This flask contains a simple cross painted in alternating wide stripes in yellow and blue. There are some tools and a white flower is attached to the center of the cross. It is dated 1897 and was found in North Carolina. (Full image)
c20" tall,
10 1/2" in diameter
water cooler bottle While the actual pieces of wood in this bottle are large, the overall effect is in good scale and proportion for such a huge bottle. The main cross is surrounded with smaller crosses and all are decorated with pink ribbon roses. The whole scene is surrounkeys.htmla fence made of bent dowels, and everything is painted gold except for a coffin, which is black with gold trim, at the foot of the cross. (Full images)
11 1/4" decanter/carafe with very thin glass This decanter was made in Europe and contains a cross with all the usual tools, plus dice and the rooster. But what is really different is the coffin with Jesus lying in state in front of the cross. The coffin is draped in lace, and a tiny wire crown of thorns rests on Jesus's chest. The very white Jesus, the shape of the bottle, the shaved stick trees all bear a strong resemblance to the work in a German crucifixion scene bottle. (Full image and closeups)
9" tall, 4 1/2" wide old hand blown rectangular bottle, no lip This old bottle from Eastern Europe has an altar with a picture of Mary and baby Jesus. There are flowerpots on the altar and decorations with cutouts. There are two real candles on the floor. The back has an inscription in what looks like a Slavic language and the date 1883. (full image front and back)
11" tall round quart, no markings This bottle contains a cross, ladder and tools. The cross is white with red incised stars and dots. On top of the cross on a wire going up into the cork is a whittled pine cone The artist signed him name on the saw (see right), but it is not entirely legible: D. S. Cumby? The letters are cut into the saw and filled with red paint. The date Feb 21 1917 is incised into the cross (see right). From the top of the bottle, red paint was poured in a single drip down the inside of the bottle to represent dripping blood. (Full image and closeup)
13" tall, 5" in diameter round bottle, embossed "Elma Confection Co. Ltd. Philadelphia, Pa. Druggists Confectioners" This large crucifixion features Jesus in a foil loin cloth with his feet resting above a large book, undoubtedly the Bible. On His left is the rooster, and there are a few large tools in the back. (Full image)
9" tall, 4" wide flat oval bottle, no markings This crucifixion scene has a very thin Jesus dressed in a piece of satin ribbon. His cross has silk tassles, and there are two men on ladders with raised hammers on either side. Two guards stand at grond level with spears. The entire scene has a fringed silk and tassle canopy suspended from the stopper. The bottle was once painted gold on the top, outside, possibly to hide the strings holding up the canopy. (Full image and closeup)
11" tall, 4" in diameter round bottle, no markings This bottle came from Europe and has a fairly plain cross with a few tools on a bed of moss. The figure of Jesus was cut out of a card. The rooster is brightly painted. The stopper has a large knob and a metal cross. (Full image and closeup)
7" tall, 2 1/4" in diameter round bottle, thick bubbly glass, a very pale green This bottle contains a colorful crucifixion scene with a blue striped arch before the cross, guards in red and green, and green trees around a blue and gold platform. The bottle was found so dirty that the insides couldn't even been seen. (Full image and closeup and picture of dirty bottle)