Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

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Bottle markings
14" tall, 5 1/2" in diameter large bottle, no markings The crucifixion bottle by "The Caveman" of Missouri is almost the same as the others except for the top. The figure of Jesus is wonderfully carved, and tiny lettering over His head says "Jesus King of the Jews." On the back are the words "Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani" and a ladder with Hope, Faith, and Charity on the rungs. There are three other bottles by The Caveman on this website. In one, he put Branson, Missouri, as his location. This one is dated Dec 25, 1934. (Full image, closeup)
5 1/4" tall, 2" wide, 1" deep medicine bottle from Patterson Prescription Druggist Trenton N.J. The crucifixion scene in this small bottle is well carved. There is a ladder, hammer, spear and chalice, along with a fully carved Jesus. A little bird sits on top of the cross. There was at one time gold paint all around the top and neck of the bottle, but there is no stopper at all now. (Full image)
10" tall elongated eight-sided liter, very pale green glass This bottle is very typical of crucifixion bottles made in the Philippines, where this one was made, according to a collector in Manila. The art was introduced to the Philippines by Spanish missionaries who taught it to prisoners. There are always billows of cotton in the bottom, carved figures painted white, and Mary usually has a pot or flowers on her head. They were made in one and two liter bottles, but always very similar to this one. (Full image and closeup)
15" decanter/carafe This bottle supposedly was made in Portugal. There are remnants of a paper label around the neck with names on it, but no place or date. The carving is outstanding on the figure of Jesus, and the painting is colorful. The two figures at the foot of the cross have silk flowers on their heads. The stopper is a big cupola.. (Full image and closeup)
10" 5" round bottle, no markings This colorful bottle comes from Russia. The stopper and the cross, tools and ladder inside are painted brightly. The date 20 Nov 1979 is carved into the stopper. (full image front and back)
11" tall round quart, no markings This bottle contains a cross, ladder and tools. The cross is white with red incised stars and dots. On top of the cross on a wire going up into the cork is a whittled pine cone The artist signed him name on the saw (see right), but it is not entirely legible: D. S. Cumby? The letters are cut into the saw and filled with red paint. The date Feb 21 1917 is incised into the cross (see right). From the top of the bottle, red paint was poured in a single drip down the inside of the bottle to represent dripping blood. (Full image and closeup)
7 3/4" tall, 4" wide, 1 1/2" deep screw-top flask, no markings This somewhat crudely carved crucifixion scene has a bearded Jesus in a paper loin cloth, his feet on a skull. The two guards are dressed in gold paper. An figure stands at the top back of the cross over Jesus's head. The bottle is signed "Ed Van B" on the back, and dated 1933. On the bottom he wrote "Ed van Bellinghen Scammon RR 1 Box 42." Scammon is in Kansas. Van Bellinghen made a mining scene in a bottle in 1931 (not on this website) and was in Leavenworth Prison in the 1930 census. (Full image, closeup)
6" tall, 2 1/2" wide, 1" deep flask, no markings This bottle contains a cross with X's carved or wood-burned into it. Across the entire front is another X made of very thin carved sticks of wood with stars on top. There is a shovel and a pickaxe and a very thin ladder, and no stopper of any kind. (Full image)
13" tall, 6" in diameter large plain bottle This large bottle contains a crucifix scene with an early celluloid Jesus on the cross. At the base of the cross are guards wearing red caps like French Revolution citizens caps. In the back of the bottle is a tiny photograph, possibly of the maker of the bottle. (Full images front and back)

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