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Crucifix and Cross Bottles

Small Picture
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Bottle markings
5 7/8" round, no markings. Bottle found in Budapest. . The cross is wooden and decorated with stripes that appear to have been burned on. The figure of Christ and the INRI banner over his head are pencil on paper. The tools include a traditional red and white forked banner, usually seen with the "Lamb of God" and symbolizing the resurrection. Most of the tools are painted silver. A round paper in the bottom of the bottle is inscribed in Hungarian and dated 1960 v 16 (May 16). (Full length picture and closeup)
7 1/2" round, no markings. Bottle found in Budapest. This bottle contains three crosses, all with pencil on paper figures. Above the head of the figure of Christ is a paper banner with INRI. The tools and base have some red and green paint and some decorations in tin foil.

A round paper in the bottom of the bottle is inscribed in Hungarian "Emlékül Jozsef-Szanatorium Bol" and dated 1949. (Full length picture and closeups)

13" round liquor bottle; no markings This bottle is an example of skill and ingenuity, although the wood is unpainted and the cross itself very simple. Down the front and back of the cross are five fans on each side, with a sixth on the base. The fans have 13-15 blades and have been woven through with brown thread.

For tools, there is only a ladder, spear and pole in the base, and an ax and pliers stuck in the sides of the cross. (Full length picture and closeups)

10 3/4" rectangle with rounded corners; no markings This two sided bottle contains two shrines build mostly from religious cards on a wooden substructure. It is trimmed with bits of lace and decorated with red and blue paint. The crucifixion side has pictures of the Madonna and child, and of two unidentified saints; it has several artificial flowers as well. Behind the flowers is painted the date 1902. The other side has a picture of the Madonna and child, some tools painted gold, and two "trees".(Full length pictures)
14 3/4" one gallon, amber glass; no markings The contents of this bottle are simple wooden crosses and some tools. Some of the tools are pegged into the base pieces, but some, like the spear and rod and ladder, are loose in the bottle. (Full length picture)
11" jug with handles on the neck; no markings This bottle contains three crosses and assorted tools, painted gold. The carving on the tools is very good (see closeup below), although the large size makes the carving seem less impressive. White silk roses complete the scene.

The numerals 1 9 1 5 are painted on the ends of the base cross pieces, most likely the date. (Full length picture and closeup)

8 " oval flask with "George Martin Jr. Oxford & 15th St." molded into the glass on the back This bottle contains a crucifix, with a simple carved figure of Christ, and tools. It also contains a piece of fabric (representing Christ's cloak) and a rooster. The tools and the base were covered in silver glitter, much of which has fallen off and become stuck to the inside of the flask. One of Christ's arms has also fallen off and is lying at the bottom of the bottle where it cannot be retrieved and reattached.(Larger picture)
9 1/4" bowed rectangle; no markings This gold cross is decorated with every tool and symbol of the passion imaginable. The entire contents of the bottle are painted gold. The carving is delicate, especially the heart and nails in the center of the cross (see closeup at right). A rooster sits on top of the cross, and the base features a skull and crossed-bones on top of three dice. (Full length picture and closeup)
10 1/2" bowed rectangle with lots of bubbles in the glass; no markings This bottle contains three crosses with a figure of Christ cut from a holy card. There is also a card figure of a weeping woman at the foot of the cross. A rooster and some tools are mounted around the base.

The cross piece to the stopper is missing. (Full length picture and closeup)

11 5/8" round, but with some shaping of the neck and just below the neck; no markings The cross stands between two large palm leaves. There are a few tools, some on a separate bar in front of the foot of the cross. All of the carved contents are painted gold. The figure of Christ has been cut from a holy card. Above his head is a hand-lettered banner with INRI.The most unusual feature of this bottle is the piece of paper or card beneath the feet of Christ. It says in Spanish "Jesús Crucificado" (Christ crucified) which might suggest an Hispanic maker. (Full length picture and closeups)

Crosses and Crucifixes 1-10

Crosses and Crucifixes 21-30