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Crucifix and Cross Bottles

Small Picture
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Bottle markings
11 1/4" round from a mold (seams show); no markings. This bottle contains three crosses, the two smaller ones placed at right angles from the central cross. The carving is not delicate, but it is decorative. The unusual feature of this bottle is the star hanging from the bottom of the cork. The contents of the bottle are painted gold. (Full length picture and closeup)
12 1/2" round, light green glass with a big indent in the bottom; no markings. .This wooden cross is surrounded with lots of tools and other symbols of Christ's passion, such as the rooster and the chalice. In the middle of the cross is a heart with a small cross coming out of it. The cross is decorated with pencil-point dots. It is signed on the saw and appears to read something like Haramid Cot or Col(e?). The initials H.C. are also written. It is dated on the shovel: Mar 7 1916. (Full length picture and closeups)
11 7/8" round liquor bottle with a high indent on the bottom; no markings The cross in this bottle is very simple, and there are few tools. The notable features are the red silk flowers in the urns at the base of the cross, and the linen ribbon tied around the cross. The cross and base are painted silver. (Full length picture)
4 5/8" medicine bottle with measure marks down the sides; stamped in the glass: "Quality and Purity" This small bottle contains a simple cross and a carved figure of Jesus Christ. The face and details are drawn on with pencil. (Full length picture)
5 1/2" flask-style bottle, with one side slightly flatter and having an embossed border; no other markings This small bottle holds only a simple cross and several wood-shaving "trees" and a few tools. The notable feature of this bottle is the use of paper cutouts for decoration. A lamb and butterfly are on one side, while the other side has a hand holding a ribbon and another hand holding a small child. The stopper has a false cross piece. This kind is made by pulling the pieces by threads up through a hole drilled in the stopper, then keeping them tight with glue or wax.(Full length pictures)
9 1/4" jug; a numeral 3 on the bottom The contents of this small jug are simple but elegantly carved and painted. The colors are dark red, dark green and gold in addition to the varnished natural wood. Especially good is the rooster. The cross pieces that form the base of the cross have fancy ends similar in construction to sawbucks. (Full length picture and closeup)
11" round liquor bottle; stamped in the glass: "Kinsey the Genial Gin 4/5 qt. Federal Law forbids reuse of this bottle" This three-cross construction is submersed in a light yellow-brown liquid, lighter than the color of whisky. It has been suggested that putting the scene of the crucifixion in "liquor" symbolizes the triumph of the Cross over the evil of drinking. The condition of the wood appears perfect. (Larger picture)
11 3/4" round liquor bottle with seams showing from mould; no markings This bottle contains a crucifix with a carved figure of Christ and tools. At Christ's feet is a stand with an open book on it which probably says "Holy Bible". The back of the cross features a large carved open heart, and there is some painted decoration in red and black. On either side of Jesus are panels carved with vines. It is similar to four other bottles on this website which were made by the same artist.(Full length picture and closeups and links to others)
10" rounded rectangle; stamped on the back: "W A Vogel Pharmacist & Chemist 55 Wall St Norwalk Conn." This bottle was made by Carl Worner, better known for his saloons and scenes. This one is not signed but looks almost exactly like one that is. It contains three crosses and figures made from thin wood like tongue depressors and clothed in wrapped thread. A thread-wrapped apple hangs from each arm of the central cross, and there are several Victorian paper cutouts of hands and flowers. The cutout at the bottom says "Health and Peace" (Full length picture and closeup)
5 3/8" round, possibly hand-blown; no markings This small bottle contains a cross and several tools and symbols of the Passion. Almost as an afterthought, a small piece of paper with a pencil drawing of Christ's head is attached to the shaft of the cross (see right). A beautiful crown of thorns, made from real thorns, is looped over the top of the cross. The wooden stopper is carved with a maltese cross on an orb from a dark or stained wood.(Full length picture and closeup)
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