Crosses and Crucifixes

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Bottle markings
9 3/4" square, one quart; no markings The carving in this bottle is more detailed than most, and the contents are painted in shades of dark green, dark blue, gold, brown and black. The most unusual feature of this bottle is the strange angel hanging from the right arm of the cross. It has stubby little wings on its back but otherwise looks like a baby (see right). The artist carved his name and the date on the base of the cross in raised letters which are painted gold: "Luigi Mastria Jan 19 21" (Full length picture and closeup)
5 1/2" round; no markings. This little bottle contains an unpainted wooden cross and several tools and symbols of the passion on the cross, its arms, and around the base. It is signed on the bottom in pencil, what appears to be "Pat Bot", but the writing is faint and difficult to decipher. (Full length picture)
8" rectangle, screw top; 650 ml on the bottom The cross in this bottle is very plain, and the tools are limited to a hammer, ladder and a saw. The notable feature of this bottle is its inscription "Assent. has 7 linhas" and the seven different colored satin ribbons draped over the cross. My limited knowledge of languages makes me think of Portuguese with the word "linhas", but I really have no clue as to this translation and meaning. The bottle was found in the north east U.S., New York or Connecticut. (Full length picture)
12 1/4" round bottle with very big indent on the bottom This cross bottle is dated 1935, with one numeral on each of the four base cross pieces. The cross and tools are painted in black, silver and gold; there is an especially good banner hung from a pole (see right), and a sign at the top of the cross with "J.N.R.J" black on silver. A woven wire "crown of thorns" encircles the top of the cross. The most unusual feature of this bottle is the "bloody" shroud draped around the arms of the cross. (Full length picture and closeup)
11 1/2" round, one quart; no markings This triple crucifix features three figures, each nailed through bloodied hands and feet to crosses. The figure of Christ is also pierced in the abdomen by a spear, still in his body. All three are wearing long paper skirts. The bottle is signed on the bottom: on one side is "Will[iam?] D[--]Zilr(?)" and the other side clearly "W. V. Vaughn" and beneath the signatures appears to be "Shire[----] Pa". (Full length picture and closeup)
7" tall,
3 1/2" wide, and 1 1/4" deep
Half Pint Full Measure, Fluid Contents 8 oz This half pint flask contains a cross, a few tools, and two figures, a man and a woman. The cross and figures are decorated in pencil. This bottle was made by the same artist as a very similar one dated 1944, shown on the previous page of thumbnails. This one was found filled with whiskey and with many of the pieces loose and floating in the bottle. When the whiskey was removed, the pencil decorations become evident. It is dated Aug. 21 1928, and the word "Cross" is written on the cross. (Full image and closeup)
5 7/8" round, teal blue glass; found near Erie PA This simple bottle contains three plain wooden crosses with no fancy carving or decoration, and a ladder and spear. The appeal is in the color of the bottle: a light teal blue. (Full length picture)
8 1/2" oval; no markings This bottle contains three crosses carved in a style similar to tramp art; each notched section of the cross is decorated with a pencil dot. The cross is anchored by a heavy wire going down through the cork stopper. (Full length picture)
9 1/4" square; no markings This triple crucifix features figures on three crosses, the thieves arranged at right angles to the central cross of Christ. These figures are dressed in skirts of red ribbed fabric. The crosses are plain except for knobs on the top and arms, all painted gold. The unusual feature is the presence of soldier guards at the four corners of the base. Each holds a spear. The stopper is an elaborately carved cross with white tassles hanging from the ends.(Full length picture and closeup)
8 1/4" flask; "Edlis Dandruff Cure & Hair Invigorator Pittsburgh PA" on the back stamped into the glass The carving in this bottle is not fine, and the bottom of the bottle is stuffed with old paper to support the cross. There is an ink on paper face of Christ on the cross, and a paper banner with "J.N.R.J." on top. There are three figures at the bottom of the cross, hardly more detailed than clothespin figures. A skull rests at the foot of the cross. (Full length picture and closeup)

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