Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

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Bottle markings
10 1/2" Square quart or fifth; no markings Black cross with tramp art notching along the edges; a detailed carved figure of Christ on the cross, painted gold, with black and gold tools and a relief-carved IHS above His head. The best feature of this bottle are the paper calla lilies on either side of the cross. (Full length picture and a close-up of the calla lilies)
13 1/2
(8 1/2 for the bottle, 5 for the carved stopper)
rectangular bottle, no markings This amazing bottle was made by John J. Callaghan in 1922. It contains a cross with a paper cutout figure of Christ on one side and a paper cutout figure of Mary weeping on the reverse. On the arms of the cross and at the bottom are birds, and an weathervane arrow and windmill are attached to the shaft of the cross. The stopper has four brass bells and a small niche holding another cross with another paper figure of Christ. Everywhere are cutout words. (Full image and several closeups)
16 1/2" high,
7 1/4" wide and 4 1/2" deep
LARGE rectangular bottle, no markings of any kind This large bottle has a cross on a bed of dry straw-like material and several tools and other Christian symbols arranged around the base, all painted gold or silver. The bottle can face both ways. The cross and surrounding tools are decorated with cutouts, holy cards, and Victorian-style stickers. The card on one side shows text on the back in a Slavic language, or Hungarian. (Full picture and some closeups)
2" glass vial with rubber stopper, hung as a pendant This novelty item isn't really a bottle. Sold under the name Miracle Match, these are carved and painted safety matches made somewhere in Latin America. This one shows Christ with a red heart on his chest. (Full image and a closeup).
9" round bottle, no markings This bottle shows three crosses, Jesus and the two thieves; the bodies are whittled and painted, but there are also cutout figures, including a large one of the head of Mary at the foot of the cross. The most unusual feature is that the back and sides of the bottle are painted black and red to make the bottle more like a shrine. It is signed "Chas. Worner, Hanau a Main" (German city of Hanau-am-Main) but not dated, but the bottle is early. He made other cross bottles (1 and 2 on this website) (Full length picture)
17" flat-faced oval bottle, no markings There are three crosses and the usual tools in this large bottle, painted black with gold trim. There was a carved body of Christ which has fallen off. The entire contents rest on a bed of dark straw-like material.(Full length picture)
8 1/2" not including the carved chain on stopper "One pint" stamped on glass This fairly simple cross, ladder and a few tools is distinguished by the whittled chain stopper.(Full length picture)
11 1/2" quart or fifth, no markings The cross in this bottle is embellished with large crosses spears, pinned through the red-painted heads by black carved fasteners, and a spread fan at the base of the cross. The bottle is believed to have come from Minnesota.(Full length picture)
10" round, no markings This bottle contains a black cross with a gold carved figure of Christ and some tools and symbols, such as the flat rooster on one of the arms of the cross. Behind the cross is a devotional picture, and pasted on the shaft of the cross is a sticker which reads "Halt! Das Herz Jesus ist mit uns! Zukoomme uns dein Reich! 100 TAGE ABLASS (Pius IX 14 Juni 1877)" which translates "Stop! The Heart of Jesus is with us! Come unto his kingdom! 100 DAYS INDULGENCE" (Full length picture)
6" flask; no markings The carving in this bottle is quite fine. It features a braided crown of thorns, a carved INRI sign, and a skull at the foot of the cross with the three nails above its head. The contents of the bottle have been varnished (Full length picture and closeup)

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