Cross and Crucifix Bottles

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Bottle markings
crucifix bottle 11 3/4" round quart, no seams, lots of bubbles in the glass This bottle contains a well carved and assembled crucifix with an open book at the foot of the cross; it is inscribed in pencil HOLY BIBLE. The back of the cross has two spears crossed. This bottle was found in a small town in eastern Connecticut and its maker, while anonymous, has four other examples on this website. (Full length image and closeups and links to the other four bottles by the same artist)
crucifix bottle 11 1/4" round, no markings This crucifixion scene is constructed just like two others on these pages: crossed base pieces with the cross in the middle, painted in gold, with a paper figure of Christ on the cross and paper figures of weeping women at the base. Surrounding the cross are the usual tools, pegged into the outsides of the base pieces. This one, unlike the other two, is not dated. (Full length image and links to other two bottles by the same artist.)
crucifix bottle with angels 8 3/4" round apothecary-type bottle with seams going the full height of the bottle The carving in this bottle is rather crude and unpainted. A fairly plain cross holds a carved figure of Christ with nails through the hands and feet. Standing on the cross arms are two angels. Two more are climbing a ladder up the back of the cross, and two more are standing on the bottom supports of the cross. The bottle was found in Iowa. (Full image and closeup)
cross and tools 7 1/4" round, no markings The bottle contains a nicely whittled cross and several tools. They are painted black and gold. A paper in the bottom of the bottle is stamped with "MADE BY JOE LEPAK HORTON KANSAS," but it is not dated. (Full image)
crucifix bottle by Caveman 7 1/4" round bottle, screw cap This crucifix is very spare and modern. Christ is wearing a crown of thorns and a purple satin loincloth. Above his head is a paper halo and a sign carefully lettered in ink "Jesus King of the Jews." Above that is another sign with tiny letters: "As ye would have others do unto you, do ye also unto them.". At Jesus's feet is an open book; three carved flowers decorate the base of the cross. It is signed on the bottom: "Made by the Caveman July 10 1934" See also next bottle, also by "Caveman." (Full image and closeup)
crucifix bottle by Caveman 10" tall, incl. stopper (bottle is
8 1/8"),
2 3/4" square
square bottle, no markings The figure of Christ in this bottle is nearly identical to the one above and was also carved by "The Caveman." This bottle has a ladder in the back with "Faith," "Hope," and "Charity" painted on the rungs. In addition to the "As ye would have..." and "Jesus, King of the Jews" signs, like the one above, this one has a sign on the back, above the ladder, with "Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sambachthani." The stopper is a carved ball on a stick extending up from the bottle. (Full image and closeups)
cross and tools in whiskey 6 7/8" high,
2 1/2" in diameter
apocethary-style bottle with ground glass surface inside neck; no markings The carving in this bottle is very fine. The cross bar has IHS and two maltese crosses. On a smaller bar below it are two tiny chairs. Between them, on the shaft of the cross, is the Masonic compass and T-square. Among the tools are a delicate key and an arm with one finger pointing up. The bottle was filled with whiskey and sealed, but some of the original liquor had evaporated. It was drained and kept empty because the details of the carving showed up much more clearly without the yellow whiskey. (Full image and closeups)
cross and tools 4 " high,
1 1/4" square
little medicine bottle from Dr. J. H. Gallinger, Concord, N.H. This little bottle contains a cross in two shades of wood, and a few tools and a ladder. A piece of old wallpaper is glued around the neck of the bottle. (Full image)
cross and tools 12" rounded rectangle bottle, not original to the contents This bottle has three fairly plain white crosses and a few tools, all decorated with pieces of wood painted a pale red. The "INRI" over the cross is beautifully lettered, and one of the small crosses has an upside-down money bag on it with "30." A red rooster on a long pole stands in front. The bottle was found during excavation of a building site, buried in the ground. A tree root had broken the original bottle, and the person who found it reassembled the crosses in a newer liquor bottle. (Full image and closeup)
cross and tools 7 5/8" high,
2 7/8" in diameter
round bottle, "ONE PINT" at the top and "238", "3" and a triangle with a small circle in it on the bottom. The cross and tools in this bottle are not painted and are not elaborately carved. There are pliers, hammer, ladder, spear and shaft with "sponge," as well as a money bag with the "cents" sign on it. The shaft of the cross is signed "L. H." on the back. (Full image)
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