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Bottle markings Description (click on small picture to see larger pictures and closeups)
8 1/8" tall,
4 " in diameter
jug, embossed on the bottom: S. C. Johnson & Son, Racine Wis. (makers of Johnson wax, etc.) This colorful jug bottle contains fans, birds, high button shoes, and beads glued in the shape of crosses on medallions of wood. At the base of the structure holding the fans, the beads loop through the tops of the medallions. More beads are strung through the top of the structure. At the ends of the cross bar between the fans are two high-button shoes. The bottle is signed "Made by J. Lacalski" painted around the top on the outside; this same artist undoubtedly made the bottle immediately below as well. (Full image and closeups)
11 1/4" tall, 6 1/4" in diameter gallon jug This colorful jug bottle contains fans, birds, a barrel, a red guitar, and beads, both strung and dangling, and glued in the shape of crosses on medallions of wood. This jug was obviously made by the same artist who made the jug directly above this one. This bottle is not signed, but it came from around Buffalo, NY, which is where the other one probably came from as well. (Full image and closeup)
9 7/8" bottle; with stopper: 10 1/4",
3 1/8" square
square quart (?)

no markings

This contents of this bottle are almost identical to the two bottles immediately below and to several others; surely they are the work of the same artist. It contains a structure with two levels, each supporting a fan with blue painted dots, pink and white ribbon, and silver thread. On the upper level are two pink silk roses, and a piece of brocade fabric lines the bottom. (Full image and links to some bottles which might be by the same artist)
12 1/2" tall, 2 1/2" in diameter round liquor bottle; "Federal law forbids reuse of this bottle" This bottle is almost identical to the ones above and below, as well as many others. It contains a frame-like structure with a triple fan in the frame and a single fan with four silk roses on top. The fans are decorated with red and blue paint, and the sides of the frame are wound with heavy silver thread. The same thread is woven into the fans as well. (Full length picture and closeup, and links to similar bottles)
8 3/8" tall including stopper,
2 1/2" square
small square bottle This bottle is almost identical to the two immediately above, as well as many others. It contains a frame structure with fans on two levels; the fans are woven with ribbons and decorated with painted dots. On each level are two silk roses. The supports of the frame are wound in silver thread. This bottle was found on an Indian reservation in western New York state, and one of the other bottles came from the same area. (Full image and links to similar bottes)
5" screw top flask, "Full Pint" near the top This small bottle contains one beautifully carved fan sitting on a whittled bar that is slightly too wide for the bottle. A cross-piece holds the stopper in place, but the top of the bottle is a black screw cap. (Full image)
7 3/4" small oval bottle; embossed "5" and a diamond on the bottom. There are three very simple but tightly executed fans in this bottle, one large one and two small ones. Wires pass through a central post and the bottom of the fan blades and hold the construction straight in the middle of the bottle. Everything was painted gold, and the large fan has additional color in green tips, and red and black stripes, which seem to have been painted after the fan was opened. (Full image)
5 1/8",
2 3/16" wide,
1 1/8" deep
medicine bottle, embossed "T. H. van Horn Druggist Lockport, N.Y." This little bottle contains a simple wooden fan on a whittled post, flanked by two small crosses. (Full image)
c8" round-shouldered flask This bottle contains two large wooden fans decorated with painted dots, and four birds sitting two on either side of the fans. The bottom of the bottle is filled with some kind of white shredded material, like shavings or shredded string. (Full image)
9 1/2" Early liquor bottle, embossed "Trademark Registered Full Measure Quart" The bottle contains two carved fans on posts on two levels. On the upper level are four carved birds, and two more sit on the bottom level. The fans and birds are painted with red, green and gold dots. On the central shaft is what appears to be the date "March 29 1914" and the initials J.T.B. with a carved, painted diamond. The bottle was possibly made by an inmate at the Camp Hill (PA) Correctional Institution and given to a local man who might have known the prisoner. Material in the bottom is like white string or shavings. (Full image and closeups)

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