Miscellaneous Subjects

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Beaded Flag

Size Bottle Markings
8 1/8" tall, 3 1/4" wide screw-top flask, no markings
Description, including signature and date
This little bottle contains a wooden frame in which hangs a beaded American flag. Around the frame and attaching to the top are strings of either red plastic beads or red-dyed pasta with beads. One one side, stamped lightly into the wood on the bottom of the frame are the letters U. S. A. On the top are the letters W. N. T. On the reverse side, on the top of the frame is what appears to be FEB. 28 and on the knobs on top of the two side pieces are 19 and 33. These markings are too shallow to photograph but they can be seen in a strong light.


Miscellaneous Subjects, 11 - 20