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Full Pictures and Close-ups: French Cafe

Height Bottle Markings

11 3/4" quart-sized liquor bottle, no markings
Description, including signature and date

This terrific bottle shows two men in top hats at a cafe. A table is set with a bottle of wine, and there are two tiny chairs. A dalmation dog sits on the tile-patterned floor. Above, hanging from the stopper, is a swing with a bird on it. A second bird has fallen off the perch. On a thin piece of wood behind one of the men is a telephone with a curly wire cord.

On the front of the bird swing is "Votre joyeux romage annonce le beau temps" (Your joyous warbling announces good weather). On the back is "Petits bijoux ailés messagers du printemps" (Little winged jewels, messengers of spring). On the back of the telephone stand is "Economie de temps, économie d'argent" (Harmony of weather, harmony of money)

Scenes and Buildings by Carl Worner

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