Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Crucifix with Mourning Figures

Height Bottle Markings
11 1/4" tall carafe, 5 1/4" in diameter at the bottom, tapering upwards Very thin glass with broken pontil on the bottom and thin flared lip; freeblown, no seams
Description, including signature and date
This dense crucifixion scene in a carafe is European, and probably German based on comparisons to other known German bottles. The cross is centered on a base made of six crossed pieces, each bristling with tools and sticks covered in glitter. The bottom is filled with shredded material. Figures of Saints John and Mary are painted in red, blue, white and bits of gold and have exaggerated sad expressions.

It is possible that this bottle was made by the same artist as the one who placed Jesus in a coffin at the foot of the cross. The similarities are striking, but neither is signed or dated.

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