Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Polychrome Italian Cross

Size Bottle Markings
5 3/8" high,
2 1/4" in diameter
round bottle. screw top, "Duraglas" at the bottom edge
Description, including signature and date
This little bottle contains a green cross with several yellow tools. Arranged across the front of the cross are several candles. On the top of one of the base supports is the name "M. Giovanno," and around the sides of the base pieces are more words: "E Meda M. B (or 8) 1 I 305618 A.W. 131 Marsilia, Ricordo 5-7-45." Marsilia is Italian for Marseilles and Ricordo means "made." The numbers could be a military unit, or a POW number


crosses 81-90