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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Horseshoe and China Dolls

Size Bottle Markings
11" tall, 6" in diameter jug with wire and wood carrying handle
Description, including signature and date
This very complex bottle may have been made for a wedding gift. It contains a carved horseshoe decorated with ribbon and tassles. The horseshoe stands on a platform flanked by bisque porcelain dolls, a boy and a girl. The platform rests on supports decorated with gold bands, and is hung with tassles. The date "Aug 17, 1910" is carved on the shaft. On a small piece of paper inside is "y Finis Tillman." (probably "by"). Hanging from a chain is a coin which says "The Royal" in the middle and "Excellence Award of Merit Superiority Semiuret" around the outside. Underneath the coin is a small Masonic symbol, and a ladder goes up the back.

Three men by the name of Finis Tillman were found in the 1920 and 1930 censuses, but none in 1910 (probably because of spelling variations). All were born in Tennessee and all migrated to Ohio. They are probably related to each other, and one probably made this bottle.


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