Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Crucifix with Gold Jesus and Dove

Height Bottle Markings
11 3/4" tall, 3 3/8" in diameter no markings; mold seams appear to go all the way through the lip (machine-made, post 1903), but pontil mark visible on bottom
Description, including signature and date
This bottle contains a beautifully carved figure of Christ on the cross; He is entirely painted in gold. Over His left shoulder is the dove of the Holy Spirit. Carved wooden tassles dangle from the arms of the cross. At Jesus's feet, on either side of the cross, are two lilies made of curled paper with carved bases and centers. There is one other bottle on this website made by this artist; it is very similar.

Two other bottles on this website may have been made by the same artist, based on the birds. Click on the pictures of birds on the right. Both of these have the theme of Faith, Hope and Charity; the bird, a dove, represents Faith.


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