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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Tower with Ladders

Size Bottle Markings

14 1/4" tall, 4 5/8" in diameter no markings; 3-part mold seams with lip and part of neck applied; glass very wavy
Description, including signature and date
This very tall bottle contains a structure of several levels of spokes radiating from a central post. The post and supports are carved.The spokes have spires on the end, topped with blue beads, and railings on both sides out to the spires. Except for a few which have fallen off, there are ladders between the railings leaning up against the central post. At the top is a clock face, drawn in fine pencil, a propeller on the top of a central spire, and a bird on top of the propeller. It is signed JOSEPH JANSEN WOODSTOCK 1904.

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