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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Three-Bottle Tower

Height Bottle Markings

35" in all; bottom piece 21", middle 8", and top 4" bottom like a water cooler jug, middle and top are glass globes, perhaps lightning rod globes
Description, including signature and date

This is not a single bottle because it is three different sections. The bottom section contains a saloon scene with men at a bar and "Remy LeFleur" over the bar. One of them has a small jewel in his necktie. In the middle section is a table and four card players. The cards are about 1/4" high and have values on them. In the top globe is a boxing ring with two boxers. The carving is folky, and the bottom scene is more painted that the two on top. Barrels under the floor of the bar have 1905 tax stamps.

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Scenes and Buildings by Carl Worner