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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Miners with Drills

Size Bottle Markings
8 3/8" tall, 3 1/4" in diameter Screw-top bottle embossed Duraglas around the bottom. Other numbers on the bottom. Looks like a vinegar bottle.
Description, including signature and date
This bottle dates from the 1940's to 1960's, probably, and was found in Kansas. It has a central shaft painted black, going down to the base, and a large cross piece in the middle. Standing facing the cross piece are two miners wearing miners hats (with metal disks for lights) and holding huge drills. The drills are carved of wood but have metal wire details, and wires or thin rubber "hoses" running to what might be battery packs. One of the miners has a pipe. This bottle maker is known to have made at least one other like this which has A. F. of L. (American Federation of Labor, a big union) painted around the red top.

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