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Bottle markings
11" quart, round, no markings This bottle may contain a cross, but it does not have the tools and symbols that usually surround a crucifixion. The base is carved like the base of a candlestand or small pedestal table. The center contains a ball-in-cage whittled whimsey, and the arms of the main cross piece are hung with whittled chain and locks. A ladder is attached to one foot of the pedestal. The contents are painted dark red and gold. The bottle possibly came from Ohio. (Full length image)
10" including stopper greenish glass, heavy round jug Hanging from the bottom of a large round wooden stopper is a carved Masonic emblem. (Full length image)
c 8" square bottle Although this bottle does not have an elaborately carved stopper, the contents are reminiscent of the artist who made the wishing well bottles and several Tools in Bottles. The construction is crossed pieces which go from corner to corner, supported at the corners with posts, all decorated with bits of colored foil. Inside this tower are a tiny china doll, Victorian-style stickers, artificial flowers, and a string of pearls. (Full length image)
5" round, no markings This bottle contains a base with a central shaft, on which is a propeller. The glass at the top of the bottle has gold paint on it. (Full length image)
6" flask This bottle contains a carved sled. It came from Minnesota. (Full length image)
7" pint flask This bottle contains what might be a war memorial. It is dated June 30, 1935. It contains a cross with two carved and painted flags on the sides. Next to the flags are two little things which might be torches. The cross has two arms, the top one saying "Look for me Baby" and the middle one with the date. The bottle piece on which the cross and flags rest says what looks like "Why I slow Coml" which does not make sense. (Full length image)
9 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" wide, 1 34" deep decorative flask This flask contains a colorful pentagram on a stand. It was made by New York artist Eric Edelman and is dated 2002 with very clever dangling monogram wire. (Full image)
3" round, no markings This tiny bottle contains a three-legged support stand and a little windmill across the top. (Full length picture)
20" including stand and back; bottle itself is 11"; base is 8" bottle is square quart; the entire structure is a lamp with a slate back and base This bottle is built into a lamp base and back and is a memorial to the Unknown Soldier of World War I. The bottle contains a white cross wrapped in a small gauze American flag. On one side is a carved figure of a nurse and on the other side the figure of perhaps a doctor. Flat metal soldiers stand at the corners. On the base in front is a slate tombstone with Unknown carved in the front, and 1917-1918 painted on the sides. The back of the lamp has a clock carved into it at 11 o'clock, and the back pieces open up like a fan. (Full images)
2 3/4" little screw-top bottle, like an aspirin bottle This tiny bottle has a wooden stopper which is carved like a chain whimsey for one link, then connects to a dangling carving. (Full image)

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