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Bottle markings
9" square bottle, no markings The chest in this bottle fills the bottle to the edges. There are vases of artificial flowers and ribbons. It is signed "MHL Apr 9 1918". At least three other bottles made by the same artist are known, all containing similar chests and all dated close to the date on this one. (Full length image)
11 1/2" jug, no markings This jug contains a structure with four pointed towers at four corners, each supporting two arches between them; hanging from those are wooden hearts on strings. In the middle is a large X on a central shaft, whittled like tramp art along the edges. On one side, it says "I love to see the land we used to wander," and on the other, "+ Roses brings mem'ries of you." (Full image front and back)
12 3/4" incl. stopper square quart This bottle contains a base and four corner posts connected at two levels in the middle with crossed supports. On these are silk flowers. The outside is woven with white thread and swags of silvered glass beads and pearls. Two large beads dangle from the stopper. The stopper above is carved and painted and decorated with paper. (Full image and closeups)
9 1/2" tall, 2" square square, with "Marvin Bro's & Bartlett Cod Liver Oil Manuf'd at Portsmouth N.H." on the glass The structure in this bottle is similar to a yarn winder with red and white string at the corners and loops of small beads draped through it. Glued on the inside of the glass are Victorian stickers of flowers, children's heads, doves, a cat and a dog. Cut from a calendar and a newspaper is the date: "Tues. September 24 1895." The cutout for "September" has come unglued. (Full image and closeups)
5 3/8" multisided bottle with "Lentheric 120 cc" on the bottom This small bottle contains a central shaft coming down from the stopper with two screws going through it, one at an angle. The shaft is signed "Made by Russell T. Neville Kewanee Ill. May 1940." (Full image)
4 1/2" square bottle, no markings This little bottle contains two levels of whittled crossed pieces on a central shaft, and carved birds on the arms. (Full image)
13" pale green glass round bottle, no markings The central shaft in this bottle has eight levels of arms hung with colorful yarn tassles. The wood has been varnished and has a nice patina. (Full image)
10" long, 4" square Gordon's Dry Gin 4/5 Quart embossed on a square bottle This unusual bottle contains a billiards table, balls, a cue, and a few quoits. (Full image)
11" long, 2 1/2" in diameter round-bottomed bottle, like a thermos insert This bottle, which cannot stand on its own because of its round bottom, contains an intricate fire engine with firemen. (Full length picture)
4" tall small Listerine bottle This small bottle contains a chip-carved base with a vertical shaft (in two pieces) going up through the neck. On the lower piece is a propeller, and a locking stopper bar goes through the upper piece. (Full image)

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