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Bottle markings
13" hbeads.htmlt; in diameter round bottle, no markings This bottle contains a round central shaft with a crossed support on the bottom. Perches come out of it at four levels, and there are birds on the perches as well as on the bottom support. The birds are pained white, yellow and black spots, dark green, dark red, black and gray. (Full image and closeup)
c 11" tall,
c 6" in diameter
jug, no markings This jug contains a central shaft with arms, like a tree structure. On the ends of the upper arms are bisque china dolls and pointed whimsey constructions which appear to be lanterns. The wooden parts are painted mostly red, with accents in green; perhaps it was made for Christmas. Around the bottom is painted "Wonderful Mystery." The bottle was found in the midwest and has been repaired where it was broken. (Full images)
6 5/8" tall (including stopper),
3 1/2" wide at widest part
multi-sided cruet This little cruet contains a central structure painted blue with silver and gold "trees" on the arms of the structure. It is not signed or dated. (Full image.)
c 11" tall including large carved stoppersquare liquor bottle This great bottle contains a multi-story puzzle structure decorated with green and white painted designs and several wooden dolls. Additional features are beads, string, and trees. It is topped with a carved stopper. It is dated Jan. 1911 on pieces hanging from the cross-arm of the stopper. (Full image and closeup)
7 1/2" tall including stopper flask, "Federal Law Forbids the Sale or Reuse of This Bottle" and a seal embossed in the bottom This flask contains a wooden beam structure with a painted man hanging from the center. It was found in Georgia and dates from the 1930's or 1940's. (Full image, front and back.)
9 3/4" tall, 4" in diameter round bottle, embossed seal on the shoulder: "Bonnie Gros Distillers, Louisville, Ky." This bottle contains a black structure with a central shaft and cross-arms at top and bottom with panels of tiny pictures hanging from each arm, like a postcard rack. One one side, a sign says "20 views Charleston, W. Va. 20 views Cal." and on the other, "Built in the bottle by Harry M. Wyman." (Full images front and back)
9 5/8" tall (Bottle only), 10 3/4" with stopper,
2 3/4" in diameter
plain round bottle, no markings This bizarre bottle contains a ladder, hammer, and a cross which might be a railroad crossing. The cross says "Santa Fe" going in both directions, both sides. The ladder has "Ladder of Fame" written on the rungs, and the artist's name on the side of the latter" C. O. Taggart." The hammer, loose in the bottom, has a paper tag. One side says "Magic Hammer" and the other says "Don't tell how I got in here." The stopper is signed "C. O. Taggart, 2nd Ham Opr. Fargo, OK Feb 25 1921" (Full images, front and back:)
9" tall flask This bottle contains lists of names, all soldiers from World War II. At the top on one side, it says "God Bless America Dec. 7, 1941 Honor to the Boys" and on the other, it says "V for Victory Dec. 25 1942 World War On II". The bottle came from Wellman, Iowa. (Full images, both sides, and all the names)
11 1/2" tall Johnny Walker whiskey bottle, square This is a contemporary (ca 1980) bottle made in Thailand. It contains a carved and decorated shrine or altar and a statue of the household goddess Nong-Qua under a canopy. She brings prosperity to the household. Except for the jewels and beads decorating it, everything is painted gold. (Full image)
8 3/8" tall, 3 1/4" in diameter Screw-top bottle embossed Duraglas around the bottom. Other numbers on the bottom. This bottle dates from the 1940's to 1960's, probably, and was found in Kansas. It could have come from the Kansas coal mining district. It has a central shaft painted black, going down to the base, and a large cross piece in the middle. Standing facing the cross piece are two miners wearing miners hats (with metal disks for lights) and holding huge drills. The drills are carved of wood but have metal wire details, and wires or thin rubber "hoses" running to what might be battery packs. One of the miners has a pipe. (Full image and closeups)