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Bottle markings
9" tall, including stopper,
3 1/4" in diameter
free blown with open pontil mark on the bottom, no markings on the bottle This very old puzzle bottle was found in Massachusetts. It has a central shaft with arms at both top and bottom, the ends of which have crossed threads going from point to point. Hanging from the ends and joining the top and bottom arms are four whittled chains. There are ball-in-cage whimsies close to the center, and the stopper is a carved and varnished ring. (Full image)
8 3/4" high, 3 1/4" wide and 2 1/4" deep broken pontil on bottom, no seams, and applied neck and lip with irregularities This bottle contains a bright blue table with green accent, on which is a candelabrum with five candles (two more have fallen out), and some small items. Behind the candelabrum is a tablet like one sees representing the ten commandments, topped with a paper (painted gold) double eagle, the insignia of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The table construction is typical of a Hungarian table type. The tablets have Hebrew writing on them. (Full image and closeups)
10 3/4" tall, 2 1/4" square square fifth, no markings This is a contemporary (ca 1980) bottle made in Thailand. It contains a carved status of Buddha or perhaps a household god. The canopy has lots of dangling beads. Except for the jewels and beads decorating it, everything is painted gold. There is one more bottle with a Buddhist subject on this website. (Full sized image)
11 1/4" tall, 6 1/2" in diameter ONE GALLON jug, no other markings This jug contains a square central shaft onto which are glued ten rounded rectangular plaques, each of which has one of the ten commandments painted on it. It is surrounded with a fence and hung all over with red painted wooden heart cutouts. It comes from Mingo Co., WV, and was made in the 1920's by a hobo whose name is not known. (Full image, closeups, and the longer story of the bottle's origins in WV)
10 3/4" tall, 3 3/8" wide at widest part, 2 7/8" deep screw top "4/5 quart" near base, with "vacuum bottle" embossed on bottom This is another bottle by Lancaster, PA, Mennonite artist Amos Beiler (1899-1993), although this one is not signed. He attached flowers and birds and leaves to a thin dowel tree structure. The flowers, etc., are cut from thin slices of wood sold for crafts; Beiler used different colors of wood in his bottle and added details in pen and ink. See also his other bottles on this site (1, 2) (Full image and closeup)
14 1/4" tall, 4 5/8" in diameter no markings; 3-part mold seams with lip and part of neck applied; glass very wavy This very tall bottle contains a structure of several levels of spokes radiating from a central post. The post and supports are carved.The spokes have spires on the end, topped with blue beads, and railings on both sides out to the spires. Except for a few which have fallen off, there are ladders between the railings leaning up against the central post. At the top is a clock face, drawn in fine pencil, a propeller on the top of a central spire, and a bird on top of the propeller. It is signed JOSEPH JANSEN WOODSTOCK 1904. (Full image and closeups)
11" tall pale green bottle with high kick-up, like a wine bottle This bottle contains a tree made of what looks like vegetable ivory. It has branches, leaves and flowers, all made of slices of white, hard material. On the high kick-up bottom, there are thin straws of more of this material glued down. On the inside is a sign saying "Long Life." On the outside is a horse-head painted on the glass. This is not the only bottle know by this maker. (Full image and closeup)
11" tall, 3 3/4" in diameter round bottle, no markings This bottle contains a great jam of things, bits of whimsey carvings, masonic symbols, odd whittled bits. It is signed "H. Niedfeld" across the top but not dated. (Full image and many closeups)
7 1/2" tall, 3" wide screw-cap bottle, olive-tinted, with CDC or CDE monogram on cap A sailor with a peg leg stands in this bottle holding an American flag. On the bottom of the bottle is pasted the words "We're On Our Way," which was a rallying cry for the New Deal in the 1930's. The bottle is signed with initials only, BL, and dated 1935. The flag is a replacement but is a period 48-star flag. (Full image and detail of the bottom)

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