Ships in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Ship with Doll in Lifeboat

Height Bottle Markings
6" tall circular flat flask
Description, including signature and date
Another example of the small ships in little round flasks, this one contains a rigged sailing ship very similar in design to the one two rows above. The painting on the bow of the ship and the painted stopper are the same, but in this one, a painted life boat holding the body of a man lying down is hanging from the bottom of the stopper. A label inside reads "National Home for DVS" which I believe means "Disabled Volunteer Soldiers." The lifeboat is labeled "Daisy O.".

Some of the many other ships in "pumpkinseed" flasks include:

A red and green ship with a doll in a suspended lifeboat

A red, white and blue ship with a doll in a lifeboat

A ship with a barrel suspended from the stopper

A paddlewheeler with gunners

A ship bottle found in Dayton, OH

Another red and green ship with suspended canoe

Another sidewheel gunship with men in lifeboat

A tiny ship in a half-sized round perfume bottle