Fans in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Fans and Birds, 1914

Height Bottle Markings
9 1/2" Early liquor bottle, embossed "Trademark Registered Full Measure Quart"
Description, including signature and date
The bottle contains two carved fans on posts on two levels. On the upper level are four carved birds, and two more sit on the bottom level. The fans and birds are painted with red, green and gold dots. On the central shaft is what appears to be the date "March 29 1914" on one side, and 1914 and the initials J.T.B. with a carved, painted diamond on the other (see detail at right). The bottle was possibly made by an inmate at the Camp Hill (PA) Correctional Institution and given to a local man who might have known the prisoner. The white shredded material in the bottom of the bottle is reminiscent of another fans and birds bottle on this website.

Fans in Bottles 21 - 30