Ships in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Soldiers' Home Sidewheel Gunboat

Height Bottle Markings
6 5/8" tall, 4 1/2" wide round "pumpkinseed" flask, no markings, larger than other bottles made by the same artist
Description, including signature and date
Another very fine example of this artist's work, this slightly larger flask contains a bright red three-masted ship with American flag in the aft rigging. The stopper has a bright red dugout canoe with a tiny "Frozen Charlotte" doll lying in it. A knowledgeable bottle expert dates the flask from the mid-1880's. The same maker made several other bottles like this, several of which are on this website. Links to other bottles probably made by the same artist:

Red and green ship with a doll in a suspended lifeboat

Similar red and green ship with a doll in a suspended lifeboat

Red, white and blue ship with doll in suspended lifeboat

Ship with doll in lifeboat labeled "Daisy O"

Ship found in Dayton, OH

Paddlewheel ship with gunners

Ship with "Soldiers Home" barrel suspended from the stopper

Ship in half-size round perfume bottle

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