Ships in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Paddlewheeler with Gunners

Height Bottle Markings
5 3/4" tall circular flat flask
Description, including signature and date
This type of bottle has several known examples, with lots of variety in the ships and what hangs from the stoppers. The ship is a rigged three-masted ship without a keel. An American flag waves from the back, and a long paper banner has become detached from the middle mast. From the stopper hangs a black and yellow barrel with "O A xx" on one side and paper cutouts saying "Soldier's Home" on the other.

Some of the many other ships in "pumpkinseed" flasks include:

A red and green ship with a doll in a suspended lifeboat

A red, white and blue ship with a doll in a lifeboat

A ship with a barrel suspended from the stopper

A ship with a doll in a lifeboat named "Daisy O"

A ship bottle found in Dayton, OH

Another red and green ship with doll in a canoe

Another sidewheeler gunboat with men in the lifeboat

A small ship in a half-sized round perfume bottle