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Bottle markings
9 1/4 " tall, 4 1/2" wide, 3 1/4" deep hand blown 18th century bottle with carved decoration on the corners and edges This bottle originates from the Freiburg area of Germany and contains a three-level mining scene. Many of the figures have fallen over. On the bottom, figures with picks are hacking on lumps of black sparkly "coal." A ladder leading to the middle level has fallen down. On the middle level, figures are working with smaller lumps of coal while musicians play horns at each side. On the top, figures appear to be washing lumps of coal. The locking stopper has chains and buckets attached to it. The supports are brightly painted. ( Full image and details)
11" long, 6 1/2" in diameter jug with ONE GALLON embossed around the shoulder This gallon jug contains a model of the Maryland State Penitentiary in downtown Baltimore, a building which dates back to the 1850s. The bottle probably dates from the 1930s or 1940s. Inside the compound of buildings is a baseball diamond. Guards with rifles walk along the tops of the walls. A tall smokestack has black cotton smoke, and the buildings are detailed with gold paint. (Full image and closeups)
12" tall, 3 1/2" in diameter round bottle, "Capacity One Full Quart" on the bottom Bob Fredericks, talented contemporary bottle artist, made the surrender at Appomattox in the style of a Carl Worner bottle. Lee and Grant sit at a table in front of a fireplace where two of their aides stand in attendance next to their flags. The stopper has portraits of five great Confederate generals: Robert E. Lee, Jeb Stuart, Nathan B. Forrest, George Pickett, and William Mahone. The bottle is signed and dated 2001. (Full image and closeup)
10 1/2" tall, 5" in diameter decanter-style bottle with glass stopper This decanter holds a gaming table and four chairs; there is a spitoon on the rug, and the table has cards, dice, and a cribbage board, as well as a small gold decanter in the same shape as the bottle. (Full image and closeup)
11" jug with one handle, embossed "ONE GALLON" on shoulder This amazing bottle contains a scene of two people eating soup. The table is set with soup, bread, utensils, and a fly swatter. A dog is begging in front of the table, and a cat is standing on its hind legs under the table. Signs read "This is Campbell's Tomato the Most Popular of Soups" and "This is the soup for the children." The peoples' heads turn with a crank. It is signed H. S. Roberts, Arkansas, 1927. (Full image and closeups)
11" tall, 6 1/4" in diameter jug with two small loops at the top This jug contains a scene with many out-of-scale parts: a woodcutter stands near his sawbuck and saw and woodpile. Next to him is his house, smaller than he is. In front of the house is a tiny cart and horse. Around the back are real branches of trees. The bottle was part of the collection of Herbert Hemphill, the great folk art collector, at one time. (Full image and closeups)
13 1/4" tall, 6" in diameter jug with one handle, embossed ONE GALLON at shoulder Another bottle by contemporary artist Bob Fredericks, this one shows a saloon scene with Carl Worner working on one of his bottles as various people watch. A dog sleeps on the floor. One man reads the newspaper and another stands at the bar. The bartender is wiping the bar with a cloth; the calendar says 1915. A chip-carved canopy bears the title "Carl Worner at Work." The bottle is signed and dated 2002. (Full image and closeups)
6" tall,
3" wide, 1 1/4" deep
small flask, wider at the shoulder than the bottom; no markings This bottle contains several Victorian cutouts arranged on, in and behind cotton snow, forming a scene. The back of the bottle on the outside is painted gold, but the paint is more like a dirty brown now. (Full image)
7" round "pumpinseed" flask Like the bottle directly above, this one contains a scene created from Victorian cutouts. There are bits of real spangum moss for trees. The scene has buildings, two cows, some sheep and a man and woman. The background is a lake with a sailboat. The back of the bottle is painted gold. (Full image )
6 3/4" tall, 5 3/4" wide round kerosene bottle This wonderful bottle contains a merry-go-round which actually turns with a knob that extends through a hole drilled in the side of the bottle. The center part, as well as the ring around the top, have mylar "mirrors." The top has a ticket window painted on it with a sign saying "All Classes 5¢ Always." This bottle was made by Bob Fredericks in 2002; it is signed and dated. (Full images and closeup of the top)

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