Yarn Winder and Spinning Wheel Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Yarn Winder with Advertising

Height Bottle Markings
10 3/4" tall,
3 3/8" in diameter
round pharmacy-type bottle, no markings
Description, including signature and date
The bottle contains a five-tier tree wound with red, white and blue yarn. Tucked into the crossed lines of yarn are little strips of paper printed with advertising for William S. Scobey, home decorating and repair, of Syracuse, NY. The stopper is a large acorn-shaped piece of turned walnut with a locking cross-piece.

The pieces of paper say: "Wm S. Scobey 1215 Mulberry St.," "Syracuse, N.Y.," "Hardwood Finishing," "Decorating," "Painting," "Kalsomining at Moderate Rates," "Glazing and Kalsomining," "Signpainting," "House and Sign Painting," "House and Sign," "Interior Decorating," "Competent Workmen," and "Interior and Exterior."

William Scobey was born in New York in 1858, the son of George V. and Florence Scobey. His father was a painter, and in 1880 [Syracuse, NY, census], William was working as a painter also. In 1900 [census] he was married with four children and listed as a paper hanger; in the 1920 census, he was listed as a house painter. In both 1900 and 1920, he was living at 1215 South State Street in Syracuse in a home which he owned; he was apparently deceased by 1930. The bottle probably dates from abour 1890 when State St. might have been Mulberry St.