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Bottle markings
10 1/2" long,
4 1/2" high,
2" deep
rounded rectangle quart, NB183 over 4 on the bottom The ship in this bottle has two masts and a smoke-belching smokestack between them. A sky with clouds is painted behind the ship, and the shore features a lighthouse. A tiny red and white Nazi swastika flag flies off the stern of the ship. (Full image)
5 1/2" round flask with flat side, putting neck at an angle, perhaps a syrup bottle The ship in this bottle is a full-rigged sailing ship. The bottle seems to be a syrup bottle. (Full size picture)
12 3/8" round fifth, with "Bitter Campari" etched along one side in large letters The ship in this bottle is a three-masted vessel with flags on the masts. From the last mast flies a red banner with "DANICA" on both sides. There is a great town in the background made of individual buildings with red roofs. The Yugoslavian flag is flying over the town. It was found in Connecticut. (Full length image)
10 3/4" long square fifth, cork and bottle labeled "John Walker & Sons, Kilmarnock, Scotland" The ship in this bottle is a small wooden two-masted galleon, rigged but not in full sail. It is about 3 1/2" long. The rest of the bottle is made up of a scene with a lighthouse, houses, trees and a church. The back of the bottle is painted very thinly in white paint. The bottle was made between c1933 and 1960 because it is embossed "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle," but the age of the contents is unknown. (Full image)
c16" gallon bottle sideway on a stand made from a rootbeer crate. No writing on the bottle This is a fairly typical ship in a bottle except that it is in such a large bottle. It is not signed or dated. (Full length image)
11" long round bottle, no markings This bottle contains a three-deck white steamboat with a great town scene. The scene extends into the neck of the bottle where there is a little house. (Full image)
14" long gallon jug on its side This large jug contains a three-masted sailing ship in full sail. The stand has a compass painted on it. (Full image, bottle and stand)
ca 12" round glass "egg" on a wooden stand This incredible ship bottle is in the museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (Museum of Art and Cultural History), Hansestadt, Lübeck, Germany, and the picture is used here with their permission. It was made by Gioni Biondo, an Italian, in 1784. The three-masted ship is rigged and the top two sails on each mast are unfurled. Another ship by Biondo is in the Maritime Museum in Lisbon, Portugal, and is dated 1792. It is similar in construction. (Full image and closeup)
5 3/4" tall,
3 3/4" wide, 1" deep
small round flask bottle, no markings This is another of the little round bottle ships, some of which suggest they were made in a soldier's or sailor's home. This one has nothing hanging from the stopper like the others have, and no writing at all, but it was found in Dayton, OH, where one of the earliest National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers was. The ship itself is exactly like the one found in Oklahoma. (Full image and links to other similar bottles)
9 1/4" long,
3 1/4" square
square fifth with rounded corners, no markings This bottle contains a masted ship in the harbor, with a little tugboat sailing near the bow. A town, flagpole, and lighthouse are part of the scene. The colors are primarily red and brown. A faded paper US flag flies from the stern rigging. The best feature is a piece of paper sticking out of the cork which reads: "The world cares little for the storms you encounter at sea, as long as you bring your ship safely into harbor." (Full image and closeups)

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