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Bottle markings
10 7/8" long,
3 1/2" in diameter
round quart liquor bottle, "ONE QUART" embossed in the glass This bottle contains a steamship with two "smoking" (gray cotton) smokestacks. Above it flies two airplanes which are glued to the inside of the bottle. The color scheme is red with white dots. The name ROMA is on the bow of the ship. The bottom of the bottle is painted dark red, with a label showing through from the inside which reads: "Ricordo di Carlo Morteo. Marzo 20 Anno 1932 Poughkeepsie, N.Y." (Full image and closeups)
11" long, 3" in diameter round liquor bottle, no markings The ship in this bottle is a cargo-type ship with two booms. The hull is black with white dots, and the decks are white with black dots and windows. The name ROMA appears on the bow. There is an elaborate town behind the ship, and above flies an airplane, and the ship has both American and Italian flags. A carved angel on a stick in the cork is signed "A. Figueroa", possibly the maker. It might have been made at the same time and on the same ship as the bottle directly above. (Full image and closeup)
10 3/4" long, 4" high,
c2 1/2" deep
rectangular quart, no markings This wonderful tugboat is named "Anna Schulz" on both sides of the bow. There are passengers all round, and a dog sitting on the bow. A printed piece glued to the bottom of the bottle says "Captain Larry." A second very similar bottle, with sailors holding semaphore flags, also has "Larry" on the bottle, but the ship is named "Dr. E. S. Smith." (Full image)
6 5/8" tall,
4 3/8" wide,
1 1/4" deep
round "pumpkinseed" flask, no markings Another very fine example of this artist's work, this slightly larger flask contains a bright red three-masted ship with American flag in the aft rigging. The stopper has a bright red dugout canoe with a tiny "Frozen Charlotte" doll lying in it. A knowledgeable bottle expert dates the flask from the mid-1880's. The same maker made several other bottles like this, several of which are on this website. Full image, closeup, and links to the other bottles.
5" tall, about 1" deep pumpkinseed flask, no markings Another masterpiece by the "Soldiers Home" artist, this one a sidewheeler warship with smoking smokestacks and men with tiny cannons on deck. Hanging from the stopper is a lifeboat with four men in it. Compare this to the one made in a Sailors Home. Closeup and links to several other bottles probably made by the same artist.
less than 3" tall, 3/4" deep no markings This tiny bottle was probably made by the same artist as who made the several other larger ships in round "pumpkinseed" flasks. All probably date from the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Many of them say "Soldiers Home" or something like that in them, suggesting they were made by a resident in such a place, perhaps a veteral of the Civil War. (Full image and links to other bottles)
9" long,
4 1/4" in diameter at the largest part
Large ightbulb with a 1904 Edison sticker and patent number on the threaded end This three-masted ship and scene were built in an early lightbulb. The bulb has a 1904 Edison patent number on the metal end. Full image and closeups.
7 3/8" long, 4" at the widest part of the shoulder, 1 3/4" deep strap-sided flask, no markings This old flask contains a rigged ship, no sails, with an American flag and other flags attached to the rigging. The cross-bar through the locking stopper has tassels on it and is decorated in red and gold paint. The bottle is almost exactly like one I have that was in a larger strap-sided flask which got broken. (Full image and pictures of the contents of the broken bottle)
11" (bottle only) with 2" carved stopper one gallon jug with ONE GALLON embossed around shoulder This jug contains a chunky three-decker passenger ship with gold and silver foil trim, four lifeboats hanging from supports, two smokestacks belching cotton, and a painted wooden American flag on the stern deck. It is embedded in a sea of melted and congealed pale green candle wax. Two anchors hang off the front. The stopper is locked with a knobbed dowel. (Full image and closeups)
c8" long, 4" wide,
1 3/4" deep
plain pint rectangular bottle, screw-top, no markings This simple two-masted ship has a large American flag hanging between the two masts. The keel of the ship is showing, attached to a clay "ocean." Full image.

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