Ships in Bottles

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Bottle markings
10 1/2" long,
2 1/2" square
plain square fifth, Johnny Walker label on the cork This model of the American Export-Isbrandtsen commercial ship, The Exchequer, must have been made by a crew member. The Exchequer was built in 1943 and was scrapped in Taiwan in 1970. It was part of the commercial shipping fleet of American Export-Isbrandtsen ships, headquartered in Greenwich, CT, and registered in New York. The model in the bottle is a good likeness of the real ship.(Full image and picture of the real ship)
1 3/4" long,
1 1/4" in diameter
headlight bulb for an automobile The ship in this bulb is barely an inch in length, with three masts and sails. The town on the cliff by the harbor has two tiny red-roofed houses and a factory. (Full image)
10" tall, 9" square large lightbulb in handmade wood and wire stand, no known markings This large bulb contains a harbor scene with one large sailing vessel with some sails furled and a smaller sailboat alongside. There is also a small tugboat. (Full image)
6 5/8" tall,
4 3/8" wide,
1 1/4" deep
round "pumpkinseed" flask, no markings This little two-masted sailing ship has a lot in common with the more elaborate sailing vessels in similar flasks made by someone living in a soldier's or sailor's home. There are nine on this website which are probably made by the same artist, but this one is plainer, less decorated, and lacks the elaborate stoppers in the other bottles. However, the string of beads connecting the ends of the stopper crossbar were made with the same technique as the others. Full image and a link to one of the "Soldier's Home" bottles
12" long round, ONE QUART embossed around the shoulder This two-masted vessel has a large smokestack in the middle with a big tuft of black yarn for smoke. A huge American flag flies at the bow of the ship. The harbor consists of houses and a lighthouse, and a piece of paper in the bottom of the bottle says "Made by Hand by F. J. Franze Jun 5 1925." (Full image)
12" long round quart-sized bottle, three-part mold, no markings This is an American Red Cross ship from the World War I era. The ship is white with red crosses on the hull. A Red Cross flag flies from the front mast and a long stars and stripes pennant hangs from the aft mast. An American flag flies from the rigging in the stern. A paper label in the neck of the bottle says "New York. Oct. 1 1918 Captain.A.C.Hunley" on one side and "U.S.S. American Red Cross Ship" on the other. (Full image)
4" long lightbulb A ship in a standard lightbulb. (Full image)

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