Ships in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Ship with Doll in Lifeboat

Height Bottle Markings
5 3/4" tall circular flat flask
Description, including signature and date
This type of bottle has several known examples, with lots of variety in the ships and what hangs from the stoppers. Five are shown on this page. In this bottle is a three-masted sailing vessel with rigging. The ship is red and green, with a white keel. A lifeboat hangs from the crosspiece of the stopper, inside of which is a bisque "frozen Charlotte" doll. The banner has a paper label saying "Soldiers Home."

A red, white and blue ship with doll suspended in a lifeboat

A ship with a "Soldiers Home" Barrel hanging from the stopper

A paddlewheel ship with sailors in a suspended lifeboat

A ship with a doll in a lifeboat named "Daisy O"

A ship found in Dayton, OH

A similar red and green ship with doll in a canoe

A sidewheeler gunboat with men in a lifeboat

A half-sized bottle with little ship