Crosses and Crucifix Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Detailed Triple Crucifixion

Size Bottle Markings
9 1/2" tall incl. stopper (9" without), 3 1/2" square heavy square bottle, pale green, with "Barnangens Finiska Fabrik Stockholm & St. Petersburg" embossed on one side
Description, including signature and date
This bottle has an incredible amount of detail. The carved figures of Jesus and the two thieves have sharp noses and carved nipples. The bird on top of the cross (dove - Holy Spirit) has carved fans for both wings and tail and a tuft of unraveled twine for a crest. Below, one heart has a "flame" made of twine fiber, and another heart is pierced by a dagger with wire wrapped around the hilt. A larger fan is behind the cross. A little plaque of wood printed 1909 is glued to the ladder, and a round face on a flat piece of wood is glued above it, at the top of the ladder. The bottom of the shaft of the stopper is carved in the shape of a cross. The upright posts at the corners are wound around with fine wire. A lantern sits atop one of the corner posts, a rooster on another. The three bodies are clothed in loincloths made of satin ribbon.


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