Tools in Bottles

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Bottle markings
6" tall,
2 1/2" wide,
1 3/4" deep
small rectangular bottle, no markings This small bottle contains a sawbuck holding a log, and a cross-cut saw. The stopper is held in with a small dowel. (Full image)
3 1/2" tall, 1 5/8" square tiny screw-top bottle This tiny bottle contains a crude sawbuck and cross-cut saw, all tightly fit in. Full image.
7 1/2" tall screw-top flask The bottle contains a sawbuck, and the log that goes across it goes through a man. A large carved saw is next to the sawbuck. The bottle came from Iowa. Full image.
4" tall,
1 3/4" wide, 1" deep
rectangular medicine bottle, "Larkin Co. BUFFALO" embossed on the back This little bottle has a delicate sawbuck, well-made two-man saw, axe and mallet. On top of the log are the initials M W A cut out of wood and pegged into the log on the sawbuck. Tassles dangle from the crossbar of the stopper, which is a turned wooden knob. (Full image and larger closeup)
7" tall,
2 1/2" wide at the widest part
flask, no markings This simple bottle contains one cross-cut saw and has a locking stopper. (Full image)
8" tall, 3" wide and
1 1/2" deep
oval bottle, pale green thick glass, no markings This bottle holds a sawbuck and cross-cut saw; the bottle is stopped with a cork. (Full image)
13" tall half gallon green wine bottle This is a contemporary whimsey bottle made by collector and whittler Russell Rowley from Washington state. The sawbuck and saw fill the space perfectly. It is signed and dated 1977. (Full image)
7 5/8" tall, 3 1/4" wide, 1 5/8" deep screw top half pint flask with "Federal Law Forbids the Resale and Reuse of this Bottle" This bottle contains a single cross-cut saw, not finely carved. The stopper is a cube of wood, scored in diagonal cuts and held in place with a locking bar. (Full image)
8 1/8" tall, 3 3/4" wide, and 2" deep Screw-top pint flask with "Federal Law forbids.."; numbers on the bottom This very well made bottle contains logging tools: heavy axes, a saw, and "log dogs" (poles with big metal hooks on them for manoeuvering logs as they float on a river). All the tools are interlocked and are resting on a base that is suspended on heavy wires from the ends of the locking stopper. The hooks of the log dogs are metal. The bottle came from the upper midwest U.S. (Full image and details)
12 3/8" tall,
4 5/8" in diameter
brandy-style bottle, no seams, no markings The bottle contains several tools painted gold: a sawbuck and saw, axe and mallet. Several of the pieces are out of place. Dangling from the locked stopper are silk tassels which have shed strands on the tools. While the insides are not in the best shape, the stopper is grand with pictures inset on all four sides and then protected with little ovals of thin plastic. A piece of paper wrapped around the stopper in the neck of the bottle is signed "S. J. Harris Feb. 1905" (Full image and details)
12" large pale green bottle, no markings This colorful bottle not only has a sawbuck, saw and axe, but it has a boat resting on top of the sawbuck, and four crosses dangling from the locking bars of the stopper. The colors are red and green with some accents in blue. (Full image and closeup)
11" total (chain hanging down) small 7" flask The bottle contains an anvil with long pliers, tongs and a mallet, but the best feature of this bottle is the ball-in-cage stopper with four links of whimsey chain, all smoothly sanded and varnished. It is dated Feb 24 1970 but not signed. (Full image and closeup)

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