Tools in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Intertwined Saw and Sawbuck

Size Bottle Markings
8 3/8" square; "Stearns' Fine Perfumes Detroit Mich" on the bottom
Description, including signature and date
The contents of this bottle are simple but very well carved and painted. There is a niddy-noddy construction which is interlocked with a cross-cut saw (with a real metal blade) and an ax. The saw is dark red, the ax gold and silver and black, and the niddy-noddy is gold. The best feature of this bottle is the carved stopper (closeup at right). Whittled out of one piece, the center has a white cross with a black ring around it. The top is dark red, and the stopper itself is a dark gold. The part of the stopper that goes down the neck of the bottle is decorated with bits of red paint.


Tools in Bottles, 11 - 20